A new AC installation offers opportunities to maximize your comfort and minimize your energy expenses in Scottsdale, AZ. Whatever type of AC system you choose, your long-term satisfaction depends upon proper installation. Find out why it’s important to ensure that the technicians who install your new system get the size right.

Understanding AC Size

The size of an air conditioning system has nothing to do with the product’s physical dimensions. In HVAC terminology, size refers to the energy needed to maintain a consistently cool temperature. Each unit of power is called a “ton.” It’s a term coined during the early days of refrigeration when people relied on tons of ice to keep food cold. Today, a ton represents 12,000 Btus per hour, enough energy to freeze a ton of ice in 24 hours.

Why AC Size Matters

An undersized or oversized AC system impacts its efficiency and performance. An air conditioner that’s too powerful works too quickly, cycling off before the cooled air has a chance to circulate. It also costs more to operate due to its AC size. An undersized system also wastes money. It will run for extended periods trying but failing to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Whether it’s a traditional central air system or a ductless AC heat pump, it’s critical to size the equipment based on your unique cooling needs.

Professional Installation Services

A reputable HVAC contractor will spend significant time inspecting your home to assess your cooling requirements. This structural inspection should include conducting a cooling load calculation that analyzes factors that can impact your comfort. Here are a few of the elements a qualified technician may take into consideration.

  • Building location, elevation, and orientation
  • Level of insulation and amount of air infiltration
  • Ceiling height, size, and number of windows

AC size makes a difference in a hot desert climate like Scottsdale, AZ. For quality air conditioning installation services, call Chandler Air. We’ll ensure that your new AC system gets sized for optimal comfort.

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