If your AC has suddenly broken down, it may be due to things like old age, part malfunctions or a blown circuit. Understand that there are always solutions, and you have no need to panic. Here’s what we recommend doing if you experience an AC breakdown in Sun Lake, AZ.

Ask for Professional Help

The first step to take after your AC breaks down is to schedule an appointment with a trained HVAC technician so that they can come to your home and fix it. ACs can break down for many reasons, and the vast majority of these relate to things that most homeowners do not have the skills to fix on their own.

We cannot emphasize enough that you should wait for the professionals to arrive and never attempt DIY repairs. If you try to repair your system yourself, you can expose yourself to danger and risk additional damage. You can also void any warranty.

Inspect Your System

While you wait for technicians to arrive, you may want to observe what’s going on with your system and gather some information that might be useful. Be alert for any strange noises or smells, and make note of anything abnormal, like a total refusal of your system to turn on or frequent starting and stopping. The technician can use information like this to narrow down the cause of the problem, repair it quickly, and recommend maintenance tips to help prevent it from happening again.

Fans and Windows

Turn on your ceiling fan when necessary so that you stay comfortable until the technician arrives. Opening windows during the evening is another way to stay cool. If you need to stay warm, consider getting a space heater that you can use temporarily.

For any concerns with your AC, our team of technicians is happy to assist. Call Chandler Air to get the best AC repair services around Sun Lake, AZ.

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