When pets live inside your home, cleaning up their fur and dander with a vacuum becomes a normal part of life. While that can help keep your home in Mesa, AZ clean, don’t forget about your HVAC system. Since pet hair can damage this system, the tips below are crucial for maintaining it properly.

Regularly Change Your Filter

While daily vacuuming can help keep pet hair and dander out of the air, it won’t stop it completely. You must change your HVAC filter regularly in order to keep your ducts clean and reduce as much buildup as possible. Many manufacturers now make filters for households with pets, which can absorb more hair and odors than traditional filters do.

Get Professional Maintenance

There’s no substitute for professional HVAC maintenance throughout the year. When a technician performs maintenance, they will clean the system and fine-tune any areas that need help. Techs will also talk to you about repairs that will help your system run better and look for a buildup of pet hair to ensure proper airflow.

Cover Your Outdoor A/C

When dogs go outside, they may urinate on the outdoor cooling unit, which can corrode the equipment. Paws that scratch the outdoor equipment can also cause damage that will require professional HVAC repairs immediately. Fortunately, a cover or fence around the A/C can help protect it, so less damage occurs from outdoor pets.

Keeping Your HVAC Maintained With Pets

Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you can’t keep your Mesa, AZ HVAC running well throughout the year. As long as daily vacuuming and regular maintenance are priorities, you’ll see that pet hair and dander are not huge problems. Call our team at Chandler Air today to schedule our HVAC maintenance services to keep your system running like new.

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