A heat pump plays a crucial role in keeping homes comfortable year-round by providing both heating and cooling. However, like any HVAC equipment, it can encounter issues, and one common problem is a refrigerant leak. Let’s explore some common signs that indicate your heat pump might be leaking refrigerant.

1. Constantly Running Heat Pump

If you notice that your heat pump is running continuously without achieving the desired temperature, it may indicate a refrigerant leak. The leak leads to a loss of refrigerant, causing the system to work harder and longer to achieve the same level of heating or cooling. As a result, the heat pump operates continuously but is unable to reach the thermostat’s set point.

2. Ice Buildup on the Outdoor Unit

Another sign of a refrigerant leak in a heat pump is ice or frost formation on the outdoor unit, particularly during the cooling season. A refrigerant leak disrupts the heat transfer process, causing the evaporator coil to become colder than usual.

The moisture in the air condenses on the coil and freezes, leading to ice accumulation. Ice buildup restricts the airflow and hampers the heat pump’s ability to operate efficiently.

3. Hissing or Bubbling Sounds

Refrigerant leaks often produce distinct hissing or bubbling sounds near the indoor or outdoor unit of the heat pump. These sounds occur when the refrigerant escapes from the system and encounters the surrounding air or moisture.

4. Increased Energy Bills

Observing a sudden spike in your energy bills without any changes in your usage pattern may indicate a refrigerant leak. The system’s reduced efficiency resulting from the leak necessitates more energy to achieve the desired level of heating or cooling, resulting in increased operating costs.

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