Winter Vacation HVAC System Tips

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Whether you’re headed to the mountains or a tropical beach, a winter getaway is the perfect opportunity for some post-holiday downtime. However, just as it’s important to consider your HVAC system if you’re going on a summer vacation, you need to do the same in the winter.

The following are a few HVAC system tips to ensure you’re not wasting energy and money while you’re away.

Turn Your Thermostat Down, Not Off

Yes, it can be tempting to just switch your unit off while you’re out of town. However, this can be short-sighted, especially if the outdoor temperature dips significantly. A good practice is to lower your thermostat by around four to five degrees to prevent your heat pump or heater from having to work too hard to get things reheated once you return from out of town. When you consider that you can reduce your utility bill by one percent for each degree adjustment every eight hours, you can understand the savings.

Another issue with completely shutting down your system is a lack of air circulation. Particularly if there’s high humidity, poor air flow can result in condensation and mold forming within your ductwork. Keep your system running, and you’ll avoid this problem.

Make Sure Doors and Windows Are Shut

Of course, it makes sense from a safety perspective to lock windows and doors while you’re away. It is also good for your HVAC system. By keeping your home locked tight, the indoor air temperature will remain more consistent. With less swings in temperature, it decreases the load on your HVAC system and reduces your energy consumption.

Clear Space Around Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

One windy winter storm can launch branches, leaves and debris into your system. Don’t take chances with low-hanging tree limbs, unkempt bushes and other unnecessary vegetation and debris. Clear the space to ensure your unit is protected and to reduce any restriction of air flow into the system.

Get an HVAC Tune-Up

Your system can malfunction while you’re away just as it can when you’re home. Schedule a seasonal tune-up before you pack your bags and gain the peace of mind knowing that your system is running optimally throughout the year. Call Chandler Air now to schedule a service call.