Win the Battle of the Thermostat

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In the chronicles of home diplomacy, nothing can be more bewildering to couples and their children than the subtle battle over getting the temperature setting right. But right for who? In winter, someone wants it warmer, while the other walks around the house barefoot in a T-shirt. In the stifling Arizona summer heat, while the parents are away at work, some kids think nothing of setting the thermostat to a cool (and expensive) 70 degrees. A classic battle of the thermostat pits women against men and kids against parents. Forget about consulting an air conditioning expert, some families need a therapist to cool down the arguments over temperature preferences.

Are Women Really Colder Than Men?

In the realm of temperature perception and gender differences, the idea that women are colder than men is a point of view shared by many couples. She’s comfortable at a warmer temperature, and he thinks it’s too hot. She wants an extra blanket on the bed, and he’s burning up. The science behind metabolic and body temperature differences between men and women indicate that women’s core body temperature tends to be higher than men’s, while men’s metabolic rate tends to run faster than women’s. Studies have shown that women’s extremities are colder than men’s, lending credibility to the old saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” It’s useful to note that temperature differences between men and women are real – not imagined. Arguing that one “should” be comfortable at an arbitrarily set number is as useful as demanding that you should like chocolate over vanilla. In other words, if you find yourself constantly complaining to your spouse that it’s too hot or too cold, you may both be right. We’re all different, and it’s not so much the number on the thermostat setting but rather how the temperature is perceived by the individual.

Solving the Hot and Cold War

There are so many variables that families need to navigate to end the hot and cold war, it’s a wonder the battle of the thermostat ever gets resolved. In addition to individual family member’s temperature perception, there’s numerous external factors such as seasonal adjustments from cold winter mornings to blistering summer afternoons, variances in temperature from room to room, daytime verses night time settings and most importantly, the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

If you find you are spending too much time squabbling over air conditioning issues, it may be time to call in a professional. The experts at Chandler Air can inspect your HVAC system to make sure it’s operating at maximum efficiency, check your ducts and vents to make sure your house is getting proper circulation and can present options for installing a new, wi-fi enabled digital thermostat which will give you increased control over your home temperature and environment.

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