Who Sets the Standard in Quality Air Conditioners?

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When you are facing the purchase of a new air conditioner, there are factors to weigh and many brands to choose from. At Chandler Air, we enthusiastically recommend American Standard air conditioners for good reason. They set the gold standard in home comfort.


Since 1881, American Standard has been building their brand based on truly reliable products. Frequently recognized by consumer groups and publications as the top brand in the United States, you can feel confident when choosing American Standard.


American Standard air conditioners deliver high performance to reduce your energy consumption and utility costs. Starting on the day of installation, you’ll experience the savings of a system that works smarter for you.


American Standard offers air conditioner models at all price points to enable you to choose the right mix of efficiency, reliability, comfort – and affordability. It’s our goal to help you get the best option for your specific needs that also fits your budget.


You’ll also breathe easier with an air conditioning system that can improve your indoor air quality. Ask us about American Standard indoor air quality solutions, too! It’s the ideal way to ensure your indoor air is healthier for you and your family.


You’ll gain advanced technological capabilities with American Standard. Compatible with home automation solutions, your new unit can be precisely controlled even when you’re away from home. This means cost-savings and a higher level of comfort.

Choose Your Next Air Conditioner Carefully

You have many options when it comes to air conditioners. Yet, when you consider that you’ll likely be relying on this unit for ten or more years, it’s wise to carefully compare brands to determine the best option for your needs. We’re confident that you’ll find American Standard to be truly “built to a higher standard.” Call Chandler Air today to schedule a free in-home estimate, and don’t forget to ask about our rebate incentives and warranties!