What Is the Best Indoor Temperature during the Winter Months?

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Here in the desert, we’re all pros in being able to keep ourselves cool in the summer. Crank up the air conditioner and chill. But, when the temperatures start dropping, many of us are not as clear how to set our thermostats to balance home comfort and energy efficiency.

A good rule of thumb during the colder months is the following:

If someone is home, a good daytime temperature is anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees. If there is no one home or you’re asleep, 62 to 66 degrees is ideal.

Saving on Utility Bills during the Winter

Every home has a temperature preference. Yet, it’s not a great idea, in terms of efficiency, just to set the thermostat to the temperature and never change it. Instead, it’s a better option to consider your habits and schedule and set the interior temperature, accordingly, using a programmable or smart thermostat. Times when you’re sleeping or away from home are valuable opportunities to reduce your energy consumption.

Other Ways to Save

Temperature control is very important when it comes to reducing your monthly utility bill, but it’s not the only way to save. Here are several other ideas to help you stay warm and slash your costs:

  • Investigate your electricity rate – Make the most of your energy dollar by choosing the right plan and reducing your usage during on-peak hours.
  • Close doors and vents in unused rooms – Enable your heat pump or furnace to work easier by enabling the furnace to blow air into occupied living spaces.
  • Seal cracks in windows and jambs – Cold air can enter and warmed air can escape when windows are not sealed properly.
  • Put on a sweater – Yes, this is obvious. But, we desert dwellers are used to living in shorts and t-shirts. It may not seem the norm to pull on a sweater or a pair of socks, but they sure can help you stay a little cozier on a cold winter’s night.
  • Get an HVAC tune up – A maintained furnace or heat pump will work far more efficiently than one that has been neglected. Now is the ideal time to set up a tune up, too.

Call Chandler Air today to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable, even on the coldest winter days.