What Causes Reduced Airflow from My Air Conditioner?

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Some air conditioner problems are more noticeable than others. Reduced airflow is a subtle problem that may not be detectable right off the bat. There are certain signs you AC system is not pumping out air at the usual rate. Many times, homeowners call and tell us they can hear the air conditioner start up, but the temperature in the house is not cooling as quickly as it normally does. This may indicate reduced airflow.

Why Airflow Is So Important

With all the doors and windows shut, your home is a closed system. This is designed to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. However, internal airflow is crucial to the proper ventilation of your home for the health and comfort of your family. Reduced airflow brings stagnation and increases the amount of dust and particulates in your home. Here are some common reasons for reduced airflow:

  • Debris Obstructing the Condenser – The condenser for your air conditioner is located outside (often in the back of the house) and it is not uncommon, especially after the winter months for leaves, branches and debris to accumulate near the unit and obstruct the airflow. With reduced air coming into your AC unit, the entire system can be affected. A spring tune-up is a good idea to check your condenser and your entire HVAC system.
  • Blocked Vents and Registers – This might seem so obvious that it needs not be mentioned. However, over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of creative ways vents and registers get blocked without homeowners realizing it’s impeding the flow of cool air into a room. Furniture can get moved and block a register. We’ve seen kids build forts or clubhouses obstructing vents. Believe it or not, we’ve seen cardboard taped over vents – usually intended as a temporary fix but forgotten and unnoticed until a much later date. If you’ve noticed reduced airflow, do a visual inspection of all your vents and registers.
  • Problems with Ducts – Occasionally, upon inspection, we find that ducts have been disconnected, blocked or are leaking badly due to circumstances unknown to the homeowner. Problems and glitches can happen during remodeling, for instance. Or when one repair person (not HVAC) accidently moves or damages a vent and neglects to set it right before completing the job.

Dirty Air Filters Can Reduce Airflow

If you’ve noticed reduced airflow, it might simply be time to replace your air filters. Clogged air filters impede the flow of healthy, clean air into your home. April is a great month for a spring inspection – especially if you missed a service call last fall. Our expert service techs have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your HVAC system and make sure you’re ready for the sizzling summer ahead. Give Chandler Air a call today.