Summer in Phoenix – Top 5 Air Conditioning Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill

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When you live in a town named after a mythical bird celebrated for rising from the ashes and flying close to the sun, you know it’s going to be hot, hot, hot in the summer. In the great mystery which is the ancient legend of the phoenix, there’s something for everyone. Fire, ashes, energy, sun (the source of all life on earth) death, rebirth and renewal – it’s all there. However, most people don’t realize the phoenix was famous in antiquity for saving money on air conditioning energy bills and finding ways to cool itself, even while challenging the sun. Here are five air conditioning, energy saving tips for Phoenix residents who like to spend more time reading up on mythology and less money on their power bill.

Please note, there are useful, obvious tips such as replacing your windows and doors or upgrading the insulation in your home, but those are rather expensive “tips.” This post contains low cost, immediate recommendations that won’t bust your budget.

Get a New Digital Thermostat

It’s time. If you’ve been resisting the technology, it’s understandable. However, the cost savings are undeniable and in the Arizona desert, putting it off is… regrettable. The second and third generation wi-fi enabled “smart” thermostats learn from your daily habits, adjust temperatures when you are away from your home and at night and generally do a fantastic job of saving you money! User friendly “how to” videos on YouTube show you step by step what you need to know about using these devices.

Crank Up Those Ceiling Fans

From June through September, it’s easy to remember, be a fan of lower energy bills and let the circulating air from your ceiling fan cool your body. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, get one as soon as possible. Ceiling fans throughout the house will enable you to raise the temperature setting a few degrees on your thermostat (especially at night) and help lower your power bills.

Made in the Shade

Direct sunlight takes a toll in more ways than just raising the temperature in your home. There’s also sun damage to carpeting and upholstery inside your home. Invest in drapes or blackout curtains or consider new shades. Speaking of shade, plant trees along the south side of your home to help block out the sun. If you work from home, consider relocating to the shady side of the house during the extreme heat in the afternoon hours.

Cooking, Washing Dishes and Laundry

When it’s time for dinner, why not head for the great outdoors. Cookouts are a blast and using an outdoor grill means the stove won’t be heating up your kitchen. Consider scheduling your dishwasher and laundry duties for later in the evening or at night when things cool down. Many families run the dishwasher after dark to save energy, too.

Install New Air Conditioning Filters and Have Your System Checked by a Professional

Changing your air conditioning filters might seem like an obvious money saver for summer, but you’d be surprised how often this task gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list (or the ‘totally forgotten’ list.) The best way to ensure your air conditioner filters are fresh, and your system is up to snuff is to call and schedule one of our experts to perform a complete inspection of your HVAC system. Call Chandler Air. We’ll be happy to show you how to save money on your next energy bill.