Summer Checklist for Phoenix Homeowners – Sunscreen, New Floaties for the Pool and Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Sunscreen – check. Floaties for the pool – check. New bathing suit (hmmm) health club – check. While preparing for the blistering months ahead, don’t forget to check on one of your family’s most important summer must-haves – your home air conditioning unit. As blissful as February and March have been, there’s no denying the temperatures are climbing. When the legions of spring training fans begin to return home, the thermometer heads north, just like their favorite, major league baseball teams. By the time 2018’s summer solstice occurs on June 21st (the longest day of the year), high 70’s and low 80’s will be a cherished but distant memory. Longtime Phoenix residents know from experience a successful pre-summer home prep checklist includes calling the air conditioning experts before the triple digit heatwaves hit.

My AC Seems to Be Working Fine – Why Call Now?

In the Home Appliance Hall of Fame, stoves, refrigerators and washing machines get top billing. Sometimes, even Mr. Coffee gets more attention than Mr. AC. Homeowners use these appliances daily, and they’re front and center. However, the lonely air conditioner sits isolated outside, battling the elements, quietly doing its job year in and year out and patiently waiting for you to visit. In fact, many people don’t call for service until their air conditioner starts making weird, loud noises – a sure sign something is amiss.

Don’t Mess Around with the Desert Heat

You wouldn’t go on a long trip across the desert in your automobile without making sure the car has been inspected, the radiator and fluids checked out, and everything’s running properly. No one wants to get caught in the withering Arizona sun in a broken-down car. We all accept that regular seasonal maintenance on automobiles makes perfect sense. It’s the same for your air conditioner. You wouldn’t want to head into the blistering heat without having your AC unit fully inspected and ready for summer.

What’s Included in Chandler Air’s Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Inspection?

A pre-summer home AC inspection will be performed by one of our experienced air conditioning professionals. Between the extended heatwaves and summer monsoons, Phoenix summers are exceptionally harsh on air conditioning units. Our experts understand what needs to be done to prepare for the toughest summer weather in the U.S.

Here’s what’s in our pre-summer checklist during an AC maintenance inspection:

  • Check for damage from winter storms. Remove debris and leaves (twigs, branches and leaves can present a fire hazard).
  • Check for animals, rodents and bird nests. If an air conditioner has been off for a while, it may attract unwanted visitors. You’d be surprised at the little furry tourists we’ve found camping out in the confines of AC units.
  • Inspect electrical hookups, wires and circuits for wear and tear. Rodents, squirrels and mice have been known to chew through wires. If you’re unit is getting older, damage from the sun’s UV rays can be significant.
  • Checkout the air ducts and vents.

Working with the HVAC professionals at Chandler Air means you can plan your summer activities confident your air conditioning unit will perform reliably throughout the hottest days of the year. Remember, it’s best not to wait for trouble to come to town and eliminate small problems before they become big problems. Call the experts at Chandler Air today at 480-899-0267.