Shut Up Already! 3 Ways to Stop Annoying HVAC Filter Noise

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Whether it’s a loud clunk, a relentless whistle or a downright annoying whine, noises from your HVAC system are a nuisance that only grow over time. They also propel your mind to turn to the potential of costly repairs or even a new air conditioner. Before you head down the HVAC rabbit hole, there’s some good news. Frequently, the unidentified sound is quickly revealed as an issue with the filter. And, it’s an easy fix, too!

The first step is identifying the problem. Your best bet is always to schedule a service call with Chandler Air. Once a technician has ruled out any mechanical or electrical issues and determined your problem is simply the filter, rest assured, there are solutions to silence the sound.

Use the Correct Filter Size

One of the most common sources of noisy air flow is an undersized filter. Carefully measure the space to determine your best option. If you’ve discovered that you can’t find a perfectly-sized filter at your local hardware store, you have options. Ask your HVAC technician about custom filters. Yes, there is really such a thing.

Change Your Filter

When was the last time you swapped out your filter? One that is clogged with dirt, dust, dander and debris creates flow resistance. Ultimately, this can lead to air flowing around the filter, instead of through it. The result? Irritating sounds. To keep your HVAC system humming quietly as it should be, make a commitment to changing out your filter at least once a month.

Look for a Return Air Filter

Is your return grill mounted in the ceiling? If so, the filter can get sucked up against the duct opening, resulting in a thud when the fan starts or stops. Fix this problem by building up the inner surface that the filter hits to ensure there is no space between the filter and the duct opening for the filter. Another option is to install a return air filter which is specifically designed for return air grills.

Want more information on silencing those bangs, whirls and clunks? Call Chandler Air today!