Should You Purchase an HVAC Preventive Maintenance Contract?

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An unexpected repair on an air conditioner or heater can wreak havoc on even the most well-planned budget. Just as you protect your home, life and vehicles with insurance, it only makes sense to protect the components of your HVAC system with an HVAC preventive maintenance contract.

Benefit from Twice-Yearly HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Many costly repairs can be prevented by simply having an HVAC contract with regularly scheduled maintenance. During twice-yearly tune-ups of your HVAC system, a complete system inspection is performed. For air conditioners, this means checking the refrigerant, oiling the motors and ensuring it is functioning optimally. For heating systems, an inspection includes cleaning the burners, checking safety controls and checking for carbon monoxide. Any maintenance issues can be addressed proactively during a tune-up before they become budget-breaking problems or unexpected system failures during peak cooling and heating season.

At Chandler Air, we also offer 10 percent off repairs for homeowners with HVAC preventive maintenance contracts. Our trucks are fully stocked with an inventory of parts for nearly all makes and models. So, if you need a repair, it can usually be taken care of on the same day, saving you time and money!

Improved System Performance

Along with being able to prevent many problems from occurring, an HVAC preventive maintenance contract that includes regularly scheduled tune-ups also optimizes the performance of your system throughout the year. This results in years being added to the lifespan of your system, as well as better energy efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality

A properly maintained HVAC system also means cleaner air filters and improved indoor air quality. If you or a family member has allergies or a respiratory condition, an HVAC preventive maintenance contract is truly an investment in health, as well as comfort.

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