Preparing Your HVAC System for Fall

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If you’re like most homeowners in the greater Phoenix area, you are relieved that temperatures are starting to drop. It’s time to open the windows for some fresh air and delight in the lower utility bills. It’s also a great time to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the upcoming chilly months. While the mild fall weather is delightful, downright cold nights will soon be here. Is your heating unit ready?

Clean the Exterior of Your HVAC System

Although monsoon storms were relatively minor this year, dust, dirt and debris have likely accumulated in and around your exterior HVAC unit. With haboobs and torrential downpours now over, take a few minutes to clear anything that can limit the function of your unit, including dead leaves, branches and dirt that have gathered on vents.

Change Your Interior Air Filters

Summer storms also blow dust and dirt into your home’s ductwork and filters. Fall is the perfect time to replace or clean indoor air filters. Not only will this simple chore improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, it will also help improve your indoor air quality.

Do a Visual Inspection

Although a professional HVAC contractor is necessary to conduct a complete inspection of every part of your system, you can do a quick visual inspection to look for any signs of potential problems. This can provide insights to a contractor when they conduct a comprehensive tune-up. Your visual inspection should include evaluating the outside unit, furnace, vents and visible areas of ductwork. Keep a close eye out for tears, leaks, loose seals, cracks or signs of corrosion or rust. Turn on your system to ensure that the air conditioner and heater both work. Listen for any unusual sounds or smells that could indicate a potential problem.

Get a Fall Tune-Up

Don’t be caught off guard with a heater that doesn’t function properly. Before temperatures begin to dip too much, call for a tune-up. At Chandler Air, our professionally-trained HVAC technicians conduct complete tune-ups on all makes and models to ensure your system works when you need it. They are also skilled at finding small problems before they turn into big issues to save you money and time. With well-stocked trucks, most repairs can be made at the same time as a tune-up, too!

Call us today to schedule your fall tune-up at 480-899-0267.