Make Your Air Conditioner Great Again

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Do you remember when your air conditioner was brand new? Maybe your old air conditioner had broken down in the middle of summer, and you suffered through days of stifling heat. When the new air conditioner was first installed, you were exhilarated. You stood directly in front of the vent and felt that ice cold air blowing like an arctic wind. All the components worked beautifully, the balance, the vents, the settings – everything was perfect. Unfortunately, just like the thrill of owning a new car, perfection doesn’t last forever.

Air Conditioners Work Extra Hard in Phoenix

As any HVAC repair tech in the valley will tell you, air conditioners are pushed to the limits during the long summers here in Phoenix. Last year, there were 128 days with temperatures over 100 degrees. Air conditioners are highly complex systems with multiple moving mechanical parts, electrical components, fans, filters, blowers and more. Keeping everything in perfect working order requires expert regular service. If your air conditioner has lost its “new car” luster, here’s a few of the elements we’ll check during an early summer tune-up:

  • Replace Air Filters

    If your filters have not been replaced in a while, this will help improve your indoor air quality. Replacing filters is easy to forget. With dust storms and monsoons on the way, it’s a good idea to have your air filters replaced ASAP.

  • Check and Replace Refrigerant

    If you have skipped service for a time or two, your refrigerant needs to be checked (we recommend two service calls per year.) Refrigerant circulates through a closed system and theoretically should never be low. However, leaks do occur and that’s something our technicians will detect during their service inspection. Low refrigerant makes your air conditioner work harder and puts a strain on your entire system.

  • Check All Electrical Components

    Did you know that over 80 percent of all air conditioner repairs have to do with electrical issues? Electric motors, fans, condensers, switches, wiring – all are subject to heavy use. Over time, normal wear and tear means some of these components will need to be replaced. Our friendly service techs know what to look for when it comes to solving electrical issues. We recommend that you leave electrical repairs to professionals.

Regular Service Will Keep Your Air Conditioner Running In Top Form

We understand it’s easy to forget about an appliance that is mostly out of the way and hidden from view. Many homeowners only think about AC when there’s a problem. If it’s been awhile since your last service, why not call us today before the hottest part of summer hits.