Is Your Arizona Home Office in Need of an Air Conditioning Upgrade?

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There is a dramatic population shift underway in the United States which finds millions of Americans moving from the Northeast and the Midwest to the warmer climates in the South, Southwest and West. This snowbelt-to-sunbelt migration has fueled Arizona’s phenomenal growth over the last 15 years. As well, there are significant changes in the work world – the way people work, where they work and how Americans pursue their careers. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of people who work from home has more than doubled since 2000. Currently, over eight million people work from home and that means a lot of spare bedrooms, store rooms, garages and bonus rooms have been repurposed into workspaces and home offices.

The Basic Problem with Most Home Offices

Turning a spare room, storage area or garage space into an office can present myriad issues. The basic problem with most home offices is they are shoe-horned into square footage that was never designed for that purpose in the first place. The biggest challenge to creating a healthy home office is to find an area with enough physical space, adequate lighting, proper ventilation and air conditioning. Many spare rooms and niche areas are underpowered in terms of cooling. Garage spaces and store rooms often have no air conditioning vents at all.

The Ideal Temperature for Your Home Office

What is the optimal temperature for productive work? Efficiency experts and consultants have their opinions. However, the important question is what temperature is best for you? One advantage to working at home is not having to argue with everyone else at the office that it’s too hot or too cold. When most people set out to create a home office, their first inclination is to shop for a desk, chair and file cabinets. Because we often take air conditioning for granted, it is not always the number one priority. However, In Arizona, the summer heat is so oppressive, it is simply not an option to choose a room for your home office unless it has ample air conditioning. Before you set up your new world headquarters, you also may need to install ducts and vents to cool your space. It is best to consult one of our HVAC professionals who can perform an assessment and let you know what is needed for adequate air conditioning.

Options for Cooling Your Home Office

Working from home means you’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, so you’ll want to be comfortable and alert. It is difficult to concentrate if you are distracted by being too warm. Here are some of the options to consider for cooling your home office:

  • Install New Ducts – If the area of your house you’ve chosen is underserved by your air conditioning unit, you can consider installing new ducts to the office. This will involve some minor construction and will best be accomplished before you move your furniture into the space.
  • Install a New Smart Thermostat – If you already have AC ducts going to your office, a smart thermostat with zone capability can give you more control over the temperature in your office.
  • Split Air Ductless Systems – If it is impossible to run ducts to your new office space, consider installing a split air ductless system. One of our experienced professionals can explain how they work along with all the pros and cons.

The Good News – You’re Working from Home

There are many advantages to working from home. However, it is best to not rush into it. Take your time and plan your move. A consultation with one of our air conditioning professionals will give you the information you need to decide the best cooling options for you. People often forget that temperature is one of the key factors to having an enjoyable work environment. Why not call us today and let us go to work for you!