Why get a warranty?

Before purchasing a central air conditioner, ask about the warranty. It’s a good idea if you are buying a new unit to also get the warranty as they may cover the entire unit.

The best warranties cover the compressor and heat exchanger for 10 years many warranties cover the compressor for 5 years. Other parts are generally covered for from 1 to 5 years. By selecting a system that is tailored to your family’s needs and backed by a strong warranty, you can enjoy years of comfort worry-free. You may contact us with any of your warranty questions.

The Savings!

Depending on your warranty, the first service visit could pay for the warranty and does not count all of the other special features you usually get with a service plan warranty! Call us today!

Preventative maintenance is to your heating/cooling system what oil changes are to your car. Not only will it help your system run better and last longer, but you could also void your agreement if the system is not maintained properly. A lot of companies offer prepaid maintenance plans that cost less than what you would spend for individual tune-ups. Look for someone that has a good program and is factory authorized. Preventative maintenance is well worth the investment!!

Special features

Often, the extended warranties offer better coverage and features like service calls, replacement parts, and the occasional check up of your air conditioning unit to optimize the unit efficiently to help cut down on your electrical bills.