Maricopa, Arizona, Service Area

Maricopa, Arizona, Service Area

Chandler Air, Inc., is Maricopa’s premier HVAC installation, service, and repair company. We can handle all of your heating and cooling needs–whether you need a new installation or an update to an existing one.

Maricopa is famous for its high heat and gorgeous sunshine. Yet the dry air, dust, and pollen make it difficult for HVAC systems–especially air conditioning units–to operate without frequent tune-ups. Chandler Air, Inc., understands the stress that these units are under. Our tune-ups are markedly more detailed than those generally offered by the competition.

Wiring Inspection

Wiring InspectionOnly very few heating and cooling contractors understand that Maricopa’s sun can wreak havoc on HVAC wiring. Dark wire covering can melt and stick to other surfaces. When the wiring is moved, the covering breaks and exposes the wires. Chandler Air does not leave your home or business’s safety to chance. Our technicians know to look for these potential fire hazards and fix them immediately.

Thermostat Calibration

Electricity is expensive in Maricopa. Residents appreciate that Chandler technicians take the time to verify the proper operation of thermostats associated with their HVAC units. If an HVAC thermostat switches off too late, the resulting time spent heating or cooling your home or business does not produce additional comfort, but rather, contributes to higher energy expenses. Save money on your utilities today by having your thermostat switch off at exactly the right target temperature.

Motor Check

Everything might be humming along nicely, but a voltage and amperage check tells the full tale. Are there any small delays that could point to future problems? Perhaps there is some buildup of detritus that is delaying the cooling of the motor. Chandler technicians know to look for these possibilities during a tune-up. As a result, there is a good chance that this tune-up will save you quite a bit of money in future repairs.

Don’t let Maricopa weather take your HVAC unit down. With an expert installation or a detailed tune-up from Chandler Air, you can be sure that your HVAC system will continue to work well even under the pressure of daily use.