Guadalupe, Arizona, Service Area

Guadalupe, Arizona, Service AreaGuadalupe, Arizona, is a convergence of three cultures–Yaquis, Mexicans, and Anglo descendants. This rich, cultural history brings a number of festivals to this little town. Guadalupe sits at the base of South Mountain and is nestled between Phoenix and Tempe. With its location in the Sonoran desert, Guadalupe is subject to hot days and cool nights. For both residents and visitors, a quality HVAC system is necessary to keep the indoors comfortable. Chandler Air, Inc., is just the company for the task.


MaintenanceDesert dust and dirt can create a friendly environment for mold. Because of this, Guadalupe residents need regular HVAC maintenance on their systems. What’s more, a dirty air unit will cause increased energy consumption. Chandler Air offers regular service packages to combat the buildup of foreign substances and to ensure that all parts are working correctly in your system. When you maintain a heating or cooling system properly, you’ll be able to avoid some costly repairs. In the event that you do require HVAC repair service, our skilled technicians are just a phone call away


We also provide installation of heaters and air conditioners for residential and commercial customers in Guadalupe and the surrounding areas. All of our installations are completed with the highest quality equipment, materials, and workmanship to ensure years of reliable performance. Our expert technicians install every system with precision to achieve the maximum energy efficiency and consistent comfort. When installed correctly, your system will reduce your energy use and lower your utility bills. We employ experienced, highly trained, and certified technicians to assist you with selecting the heating and cooling system that best suits the needs of your home. And we help you make an informed decision by providing you with efficiency ratings and reliability reports when you compare systems.

Beat the heat and quell the cold with Chandler Air, Inc. We’ve got the skill, the experience, and the local know-how to get the job done right.