Air Conditioning in Coolidge, AZ

Coolidge, Arizona, Service Area

Coolidge, Arizona, Service Area

Coolidge, Arizona, is one of the cities and towns in the hottest desert in North America–the Sonoran Desert. As home to the Casa Grande Ruins and Central Arizona College, the small town of Coolidge draws tourists and college students to the area. For local homes and businesses, the hot desert climate calls for robust cooling systems that keep indoor temperatures on a comfortable level.

Who We Are

Chandler Air, Inc., is the area’s premier heating and cooling contractor. We install, service, and repair HVAC systems for Coolidge residents and business owners. When you need an HVAC team you can depend on, Chandler Air is the team to choose. We are committed to providing you with quality service, long-lasting equipment, and lower utility costs. All of our technicians have been trained, certified, and background-checked.

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Inspection: When you get us to look at your existing HVAC system, we look at everything–the thermostat, temperature split, coils, wiring, voltage and amperage, ductwork, and more. We’ll also check for dirt accumulation, clean the filters, and test the system. Our comprehensive approach will assist you with determining what maintenance, updates, or repairs your system might need.

Maintenance: When it comes to a hot climate like Coolidge, keeping an HVAC system running is of utmost importance. One of the best ways to do so is to have an HVAC company come to your home or business to perform a regular tune-up.

Repair: In those unfortunate situations where your unit needs repair, Chandler Air will respond quickly and efficiently. What’s more, if it’s an emergency–for instance, your system stops suddenly on the hottest day of the year–you can call our 24/7 line for emergency service.

Installation and Replacement: Sometimes, your old system is no longer repairable or heavy-duty enough for your needs. When that happens, you need an HVAC system from a manufacturer that is proven and reliable. Chandler Air has partnered with the top HVAC manufacturers to provide systems that can withstand intense heat and allay the cold.

Get the versatile team at Chandler Air, Inc., to inspect, maintain, repair, or install your HVAC system. You’ll be glad you did!

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