He’s Hot, She’s Not – Thermostat Battles on the Homefront

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He drinks coffee, she likes tea. When it comes to politics, they can never agree. Couples have differences all the time. Often, the best solution turns out to be, a simple arrangement to agree to disagree. However, when it comes to air conditioning, heating, thermostat settings and room temperature, many couples have strongly divergent perceptions. A gross over-simplification for gender differences would be, “He’s a little hot and she’s feeling a chill.” Believe it or not, differences in temperature sensitivity can sometimes cause disharmony in the home.

Is Temperature Perception Absolute or Subjective?

Health studies have been done to establish whether men and women maintain the same core body temperature under controlled circumstances. Generally, the internal body temperature for both men and women hovers around 98.6 degrees. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) differences do arise within various groups depending on age, race, gender and physical condition. The perception of temperature is another matter. Men’s bodies tend to be larger and contain more muscle while women’s bodies are smaller and contain more fat. Men’s larger bodies with greater muscle mass expend more energy and burn more calories which in turn, generates more heat. Women, who are typically smaller, have a metabolism that generates less heat through muscle mass and thus leaves their bodies and extremities subject to be feeling colder. In essence, there is an absolute internal temperature (98.6) for both. However men and women perceive external temperatures differently. So, a “perfect” 70 degrees may seem a little warm for most men yet a bit cool for many women.

Temperature Affects Everyone in the Household

In many homes, temperatures vary from room to room, from upstairs to downstairs, in sunlit rooms versus shaded and from morning to night. Every family member has his or her own unique metabolism. Kids burn endless amounts of energy zooming around the house while grandparents find it hard to keep warm with a sweater and shawl. Finding a temperature setting everyone can agree on can be challenging to say the least.

Let Our HVAC Experts Solve Your Temperature Troubles

In Arizona, as the temperatures drop in December and the night’s get colder, waking up to a chilly house can be either refreshing or annoying – it all depends on your perspective. Let our HVAC experts present you with options which will give you more control over the temperature in your home.

  • Update Your Thermostat – Older HVAC installations placed a single thermostat in a central part of the home which meant that only one area of a single room dictated the temperature for the entire household. New Wi-fi enabled “smart” thermostats enable you to heat your home more efficiently and help you save money. You can install multiple smart thermostats throughout different areas of your home and they will communicate with each other. It’s important to remember, various brands will provide differing options, which our techs will be happy to explain to you.
  • Zone Heating and Cooling – By breaking down your home into separate dedicated areas, zone heating and cooling allows you to set specific rooms at higher or lower temperatures depending on your preferences. Would you like your bedroom and master bath to be five degrees warmer in the morning? No problem. Does your south facing office with big windows require extra cooling in the afternoon? Just program it in. Zone heating and cooling puts tremendous control in the homeowner’s hands.
  • Increased Efficiency of Your Current HVAC System – When people experience temperature fluctuations from room to room, they are often surprised to find that an HVAC system inspection may reveal certain problems or deficiencies which can be repaired and remedied quickly. Over the years, we’ve found disconnected or crushed air ducts, faulty fans, gaping leaks or holes and all other kinds of impairments to free-flowing air. If your system has not been checked lately or if it has been years since your ducts and vents were inspected, please give us a call.

Let Us Help You Get the Temperature in Your Home Just Right

Our experienced technicians will inspect your entire HVAC system and explain why temperatures are fluctuating from room to room. We will present you with a detailed plan to fix your system and end your temperature troubles once and for all. Why not give Chandler Air a call today?