Heating and Air Conditioning Resolutions for 2018

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Before singing Auld Lang Syne or watching the ball drop in Times Square, it’s a good idea to commit to a few resolutions to guide the year ahead. While most New Year’s resolutions revolve around self-improvement, why not consider a goal of improving your home’s comfort? In 2018, focusing on the optimization of your HVAC system makes perfect sense – especially here in the Valley of the Sun.

In 2017, Phoenix set many records for heat, including an extended heat wave in June that resulted in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. In other words, maintaining your HVAC system isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential for having a functional home. The following are three heating and air conditioning resolutions that can keep you comfortable throughout the year.

Make a Commitment to Your Equipment

With extreme desert temperatures, it only makes sense to prioritize your HVAC system. Budget time for ensuring your heating and air conditioning equipment is regularly inspected, cleaned and repaired, if necessary. Don’t wait for a minor problem to get worse. Most likely, it will, and at the worst possible time – like during a triple digit heat wave! Instead, take the initiative and get a head-start on problems before they arise.

Strive to Lower Your Energy Bill

At Chandler Air, we’re here to help you achieve your goal of reducing your carbon footprint while reducing your monthly utility bill. We can help you optimize your current system, provide expert guidance and expertise on equipment replacement and even help you become an early adopter of new smart technologies to help you improve your comfort while saving you money.

Change Your Filters

While it may seem minor, changing your HVAC system filters can have a dramatic impact on your home’s comfort. An old filter, loaded with dust, dander and other particulates, hinders your system’s ability to function properly. It also decreases your indoor air quality and increases your energy consumption. Consider buying a year’s worth of filters at once and setting a monthly reminder to swap them out. This one simple resolution can make a big difference.

To learn more about how to improve your home’s comfort in 2018, call Chandler Air, your air conditioning and heating experts since 1982.