Give the Gift of Home Climate Comfort – This Holiday Season Think HVAC

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If Christmas was in July, new air conditioners would be at the top of everyone’s list in Arizona. When the temperature is soaring, AC related gifts don’t seem boring at all. However, the holidays are in December, and the weather is near perfect in Phoenix. Air conditioning is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The yearly holiday challenge of finding something you haven’t given before to family and friends can be daunting. This year broaden your gift giving horizons by choosing a climate comfort alternative – which will be used and appreciated year-round.

Indoor Air Quality and Temperature Make a Huge Difference in Our Lives

Often taken for granted and rarely noticed until something goes wrong, air conditioning, air quality and temperature affect every aspect of our lives. During the summertime, most Phoenix residents spend over 90 percent of their lives inside (at work or at home). Living indoors means we rely on our air conditioner and air filters to provide us with a clean, comfortable indoor atmosphere. When we don’t have that, things get unpleasant in a hurry. Working, sleeping, cooking and just plain living are affected greatly by temperature and environment. Consider making the temperature sensitive souls in your life smile with a few of these holiday gift ideas:

  • Cooling Mattress Pad – Light sleepers often complain they can’t get the temperature right. Newer memory foam mattresses are indeed comfortable but also cause body heat to increase. As you sink into a memory foam mattress, your body has less air moving around it to cool your skin. High-tech cooling mattress pads solve this problem by cooling the entire surface below your body. This is a “cool” gift for anyone who wakes up with the feeling of perspiration on the back of their neck.
  • Ceiling Fan – These unsung heroes of house cooling can make a noticeable difference in any room. Ceiling fans not only improve quality of life, they also help reduce your utility bill. Though ceiling fans do not actually lower the temperature, they make you feel cooler by moving air across your skin. Ceiling fans come in numerous styles, shapes and sizes and will add value to your home. If your home is over 20 years old, it may be time to consider replacing your ceiling fans.
  • Wi-fi Enabled Smart Thermostat – Cool temperatures in summer and comfortable home heating in winter all start with your thermostat. Thermostats are generally very reliable, so homeowners rarely replace them. However, new smart thermostats give you more control over your HVAC and allow you to heat or cool your home more efficiently. All this while allowing you to control your HVAC settings from your mobile phone. This could be a great tech gift for dad that the whole family will enjoy. Our technicians will explain the various options available.
  • All New HVAC System – OK, Santa rarely leaves an all new HVAC system under the tree. However, if your old air conditioner gave you loads of trouble this past summer, it may be time for a new system. If you’re heading into the holidays with a questionable furnace or a heat pump that isn’t pumping, you might want to give us a call. The winter months are the best time to install a new HVAC system. Our experienced pros will be happy to make sure you’re worry-free when the hot weather comes along in spring. If you’re not ready to replace the entire system, you can always get dad a new set of air filters just for fun!

This Holiday Season – Get Creative!

The holidays are for giving and we say, give the gift of total home comfort! Your family will thank you all year round.