Five Helpful and Less-Expensive Alternatives to Air Conditioning

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Five Helpful and Less-Expensive Alternatives to Air Conditioning
In the heat of the summer, you might forget all about the Polar Vortex and how brutally cold this January was. But though staying cool has probably not been much of a challenge during the last month or so, you might need to find ways to do so in the summer, especially if the heat matches the cold. Investing in air conditioning services in the spring is a good way to make sure your home cooling systems are working properly, but there are other ways to beat the heat as well. In fact, cooling your home without cranking up the AC might not be as difficult as you think.

1. Go Green…Literally

Planting trees or climbing vines that shade the walls and windows of a home can be great for lowering temperatures. Trees might obstruct your view a bit, but they can drastically help with light control, and though climbers might not be great if you want a contemporary look, they can cover every inch of your home and keep temperatures cool during the summer. So actually adding some green to the outside of your home can be a great method of energy efficient home cooling.

2. Install Ceiling Fans

Fans might not do a ton of good if all they do is blow around hot air, but they can be refreshing and help to keep you cool, even if it is hot outside. Air flow is always good for staying cool and sometimes, even if it is a bit warmer, using the fan instead of the AC can be more comfortable. As an added bonus, they come in a wide range of styles and can be customized to meet any design ideas, making ceiling fans a nice alternative to AC.

3. Use Shutters or Blinds

Similar to trees or plants that keep the sun out of your home, blinds or shutters can be installed to do the same thing. When shut, they can darken a room and keep the sun out, reducing the amount of time AC systems need to run. Unlike trees, though, they can be opened or closed so if the weather isn’t that warm, you can let the sun in and enjoy the natural light.

4. Attic Fans

Many homeowners waste money running their AC when it is not all that hot out, but the heat has been unable to escape their home. Attic fans can be a great help by simply moving the hot air out of a home. That could be just as effective, and a less expensive option, for cooling your home without cranking up the air conditioning.

5. Barbecue!

Turning on the oven and stove is a great way to prepare a tasty meal. Unfortunately, it can also pump heat into your home and make kitchen temperatures unbearable. During the summer, turning on the grill and cooking burgers, steaks, and ribs is not only a good way to enjoy the nice weather, but also keep your home cool.

Sometimes, turning on the air conditioning is the best way to stay cool during sweltering summer days. However, there are lots of upgrades that can make cooling your home much cheaper. Taking advantage of them is a great way to cut utility bills while being able to tolerate the heat.

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