Firing Up Your Furnace for the First Time This Fall

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When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Arizona, there’s no doubt AC gets top billing. Air conditioning is crucial to comfortable living during the summer months in Phoenix. However, as fall approaches and cooler nights prevail, it might be a good idea to have your furnace inspected. Especially if it has been years since the last checkup. Many homeowners in the Southwest take the heat in their home for granted because furnaces are generally well built and reliable, often operating trouble free for years. Depending on when your home was constructed, your furnace may be decades old.

Firing up your furnace for the first time can be an adventure. Here are a few signs your furnace may require service:

  • What Is That Strange Smell?

    Last year, we had a call from a concerned homeowner who told us there was an odd smell coming from her HVAC vents. It turns out, the thermostat (still set from previous year) activated her heater in the middle of the first cold night. Without warning, she was awakened by a burning smell and was understandably confused. After some checking, we established that nothing was wrong, the furnace was simply burning off dust that had accumulated over the previous six months. The smell of burning dust is common the first time your furnace turns on. A burning smell should always be taken seriously, and if it persists for over 15 minutes, you should shut down your furnace and have it checked. Scheduling a fall service checkup means our experienced repairmen will inspect your furnace in advance, blow out any dust and debris inside your furnace and change your air filters, which also contain dirt and dust. Over the years, we have seen all kinds of things, including critters, that have found their way inside of idle furnaces over the summer months.

  • How About That Funny Noise?

    Every furnace makes noise. Some more than others. When you adjust the thermostat and turn on a gas heater, there is often a hesitation, then a thump or a “kachunk” as the gas ignites, and the heater kicks in. If you notice a hesitation and then a loud bang, it could mean there’s something wrong with the ignition process of your furnace. If that happens, don’t hesitate to call for service. Sometimes, you may notice a high-pitched squeal which would indicate fan belt or lubrication issues. Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll hear nothing at all and this, of course, means the thermostat is not communicating with the furnace or there is an electrical issue with your heater or your pilot light has gone out.

  • Plan Ahead and Be Ready for the Holidays

    Warm temperatures in Phoenix can extend into November. However, why wait to find out you may have a problem with your furnace? If you call and schedule service today, your furnace will be set for winter and you’ll be toasty warm when the first frost hits.

    Fire Up Your Furnace with Confidence

    Establishing a regular preventive maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure your HVAC system will be working properly when you need it most. Give us a call today and schedule your fall service.