Financing Options for a New Air Conditioner

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Summer in Arizona with a failing or non-functional air conditioner is not something you’d wish on your worst enemy. It’s downright hot even at night, and you need a reliable air conditioner that keeps your home comfortable. With that said, a new air conditioner is not a minor expense. How you choose to pay for one requires careful consideration. At Chandler Air, we’re here to provide you with smart options and to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Yes, You Really Do Have Options

Many homeowners choose to use a credit card to purchase a new air conditioner. At Chandler Air, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. This can be a convenient, smart choice, particularly if you have a credit card that gives you air miles, points or cash back on purchases. However, it can impact your credit score if you don’t quickly pay off the balance.

Alternatively, you can choose a financing program, such as the one we offer through Credit Union West. Through this option, you’ll get low monthly payments, a competitive interest rate, no down payment and no annual fees.

A third option is applying for a Home Projects Credit Card which offers fast processing with an on-the-spot credit decision.

Return on Your Investment

Unlike many other major purchases, you’ll actually gain a return on your investment with a new high efficiency air conditioner. In fact, you can expect a 30 percent or greater reduction of your cost of air conditioning. When you consider that air conditioning represents about 60 percent of your electricity bill, you can expect to see a drop in your monthly utility bill by about 18 to 20 percent. A new air conditioner also adds value to your home.

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