Financing a New Air Conditioner

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For most large home improvements like remodeling, new flooring or window replacements, you have time to save and budget for the expense. In the case of air conditioning, it’s not uncommon to need a replacement unit when an older unit unexpectedly and suddenly fails. And for many homeowners, it can be challenging to pay for a new air conditioner out of pocket without some advanced financial planning.

Going without a functioning air conditioner isn’t an option here in the Valley of the Sun. With afternoon temperatures in the summer commonly exceeding 110 degrees, an un-air-conditioned house isn’t just uncomfortable. It is a health hazard.

Because we know that having an air-conditioned home is a necessity, we offer a preferred financing program. We have partnered with local lender, Credit Union West, to give you the advantage of low monthly payments at a competitive interest rate. With no down payment or annual fees, it’s an affordable way to get the air conditioner you need now with a monthly payment you can afford. To get started with this financing program, you simply need to complete an application. We’re here to help you with questions or assistance.

More Ways to Save

At Chandler Air, we’re committed to offering you air conditioning at the best possible price. This is why we support our customers by providing them with the latest information on rebates and discounts. Our goal always is to save you money without compromising quality.

When you purchase a new air conditioner from Chandler Air, you get industry leading products and a solid warranty to protect your investment. For most products, you’ll receive a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. We also offer optional labor warranties to provide even greater protection. Our extended warranties are available for 5-year or 10-year coverage and are transferable to increase the value of your home. We also encourage customers to obtain a preventive maintenance agreement which enables you to save 10% on repairs if and when you need them.

Financing a new air conditioner can be a daunting task. But with Chandler Air on your side, you have a partner by your side to ensure you get the air conditioner you need, when you need it.