Fall Is a Great Time to Schedule an HVAC Checkup

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During the sweltering heat of August, after months of Arizona summer fun, it’s hard to imagine the temperatures will ever drop below 100 degrees. However, Labor Day is not far off, the kids are back in school, and fall is just around the corner. Many Phoenix area homeowners schedule two HVAC checkups per year. One in the spring, mainly for air conditioning and another in the fall, to make sure the AC has fared well through the blistering summer and, looking ahead, to inspect the furnace and prepare for cooler temperatures in the coming autumn and winter months.

Why Should I Worry About My Furnace in the Middle of August? (It’s Like a Furnace Outside)

There are a number of reasons to consider HVAC issues even when turning on the heat is the last thing on your mind. Here’s a list of reasons to consider scheduling a checkup in September.

  • Be Prepared or Be Not Spared Phoenix is considered the hottest city in America. The desert climate, with its extreme temperatures, high winds, dust storms and monsoons, is very tough on HVAC units. Often located on the roof, HVAC units are completely exposed to the elements and intense sun. By September, your unit has been working nonstop all summer long. Just like driving an automobile at high speeds for months on end, the opportunity for failure is increased as the constant heat and vibration works on all the moving parts, motors and fans. The key to avoiding a major breakdown is preventive maintenance. Getting on a regular schedule of service calls in the spring and fall is advisable in one of the harshest urban environments in the U.S.
  • Damage from Monsoons and Furry Friends
    High winds and driving rains can cause issues for HVAC units. It is not uncommon for branches, leaves and debris to be blown into HVAC units or suffer wind related damage during monsoons. Animals and critters also can find their way into places they don’t belong, sometimes gnawing on wires or creating problems.
  • HVAC Companies Are Often Booked Well in Advance
    Because the Arizona climate is so unforgiving, summers are extremely busy for Phoenix area HVAC service companies. Often booked solid all summer long, including nights and weekends, most service techs are dealing with urgent AC related problems and repairs. Fall presents an opportunity for non-emergency regular maintenance. It’s best to schedule fall service calls well in advance.
  • Why Not Consider a Yearly Service Contract
    We all have busy work schedules, family commitments, weekend chores and endless responsibilities. Most HVAC units quietly get the job done throughout the year. We only think about them when we experience a breakdown. It’s human nature to forget to schedule maintenance for something you rarely think about. If you get on a yearly service contract, you won’t need to remember to call. You will be automatically scheduled in the spring and fall.

Excellence in HVAC Service

Our customer service is second to none. We pride ourselves on performing outstanding repairs and dependable HVAC maintenance – all provided by friendly and knowledgeable techs. If you are considering service for fall, why not call Chandler Air today!