Are Your Cooling Dollars Going Out the Window?

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Over time, cities acquire colorful nicknames. New York is the Big Apple. Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Phoenix is alternately referred to as the Valley of the Sun. One other alias could be the Capitol of Air Conditioning. For Arizonans, AC holds a special place in their hearts. Great air conditioning is the key to enjoying the desert lifestyle, especially in the summer months when temperatures soar to triple digits. Paying for air conditioning is another issue altogether. Are your cooling dollars going out the window?

Air Conditioning and Your Utility Bill

Air conditioning comprises more than half of most people’s electric bills. It’s a year-round consideration, even more so when the summer heatwaves hit. Power is not cheap in Arizona, and the utility companies are raising their rates to accommodate the phenomenal growth in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The challenge for Arizonans is getting the absolute most out of their AC without sacrificing comfort and reliability.

Summer in AZ – Enjoying the Great Indoors

The intensity of the heat in the summer months means families spend the hottest part of each day indoors. Being able to count on your air conditioning unit is crucial because its running full tilt. Having a summer AC breakdown is a nightmare. The best way to save on utility bills is to achieve a maximum efficiency with your home units. Here are the best ways to save on AC:

  • Avoid summer AC emergencies (and frantic service calls during heatwaves) by scheduling preventive maintenance in spring. Everyone knows if you ignore your car, sooner or later it will breakdown. Without proper maintenance, little problems turn into bigger, more expensive headaches. The same is true of air conditioning. Planning ahead and working with AC professionals to ensure a smooth-running, efficient HVAC system is essential and in the long run, saves you money.
  • Have your house checked for proper insulation and your windows and doors inspected for closure. Cool air escaping up an open fire place damper, for example, can cost you money.
  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or above and set it at 84 (or above) when you are out of the house. Consider purchasing a digital, wi-fi enabled thermostat to give you more control over cooling.
  • Keep daytime moisture producing tasks (such as mopping floors or long showers) to a minimum. Use your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher in the evening, off-peak hours. Set your water heater at 120 degrees instead of 140.
  • Install ceiling fans in every room. Set your AC fan on AUTO. Keep the drapes and blinds closed and tell your children to keep the sliding doors shut.

In Arizona, AC units are pushed to the limits. Keep it cool inside by planning ahead and preventing summer breakdowns. An efficient AC system is your best insurance against rising utility bills.

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