Calculating What You Will Need for HVAC with Your New Home Addition

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Whether you’re adding to your master suite, opening up a great room or designing your dream kitchen, you need to consider your HVAC needs for the additional space. Design elements like finishes, paint and tile usually get the bulk of the focus during a remodel project, but considering your HVAC system, including ductwork, also requires attention.

Depending on the size of your addition, your current system may not be able to effectively cool or heat the additional square footage. Homeowners who neglect this important detail of a home addition are often dismayed by their new space being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This is why it’s always important to meet with an HVAC expert as part of your overall design project.

For smaller additions, extending ductwork is often all that’s needed. But, it’s important to perform a load calculation to identify if your existing air conditioner is sufficient to handle the extra square footage. For larger additions, you may require either a larger, more powerful air conditioner or a second unit with its own system. For some homeowners, the best option is a ductless air conditioner or mini-split system. At Chandler Air, we’re happy to explain your options, along with the pros and cons of each.

Call Us Before You Start Your Remodel Project

The time to consider your HVAC system isn’t after the remodel has begun or is completed. This can result in higher costs or less-than-satisfactory results. Call us while you’re in the design and planning stage so that we can evaluate your current system and calculate what exactly you’ll need to ensure your comfort in your new addition.

Call us today to learn more about determining your HVAC needs for your new home addition.