Breathe Easier with a New Air Conditioning System

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Phoenix meteorologists warned us of increased rain due to El Nino conditions over the Pacific Ocean, and they got it right! We’ve seen higher than normal levels of rain over the last several months, and there’s more to come. While the rain is great for replenishing our water supply, it also leads to higher pollen counts in the spring. And if you or a family member struggles with seasonal allergies or asthma, you know how unpleasant that can be.

One of the most effective ways to combat the effects of airborne allergens is to replace your home’s outdated air conditioning system. A new system can help eliminate airborne particles in your home to help your family stay healthy and symptom-free.

As your local American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning customer care dealer, we encourage homeowners to consider the new American Standard AccuComfort™ system. Along with maintaining the ideal comfort level, even during the hottest Phoenix summer days, an AccuComfort system that includes AccuClean™ whole-home air filtration can greatly reduce particles in the air that cause those irritating allergy symptoms. As part of a matched system from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, AccuClean™ removes up to 99.98 percent of particles down to .1 micron from filtered air.

Get in the Comfort Zone

At Chandler Air, we work with you to choose the right HVAC system for your needs. This means you get a free estimate based on an in-depth analysis of your home and comfort needs. You’ll get a clear and understandable quote along with details to understand how much a new, more energy-efficient system can help save you on your utility bills while also improving your indoor air quality.

With an American Standard AccuComfort™ system, you’ll also get peace of mind with a registered limited warranty that includes either 10 or 12 years on the compressor, as well as 10 years on the outdoor coil and 10 years on internal functional parts. Ask us for more details on warranties.

Call us today for your free estimate and take allergy season in stride with a new air conditioning system from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.