Keeping your Chandler, AZ, home cool during summer’s peak isn’t an easy task. Your home can feel stuffy and humid, and its indoor air quality can suffer. Installing a whole-home ventilator is one way to keep your home comfortable when outside temperatures soar. Here are some top benefits households achieve when investing in this technology.

Fresher Air Makes It Easier to Breathe

Do you or someone else in your household have asthma? Stagnant air that’s chock-full of allergens, pollen, dander, and other airborne contaminants isn’t fresh. Air laden with pollutants makes it hard to catch your breath and leaves you feeling miserable. According to the Department of Energy, whole-house ventilation systems ”use a fan to pressurize your home” that forces stale air out of your home and stops them from recirculating. The result is cleaner air that’s easier on the body’s respiratory system.

Consistent Indoor Temperatures

Have you noticed wild temperature swings or rising humidity levels in your home? If your HVAC system operates as intended, you shouldn’t have inconsistent temperature issues. Installing a whole-house ventilation system helps you achieve more balanced indoor air and helps remove excess humidity. Not only does this process make your home feel more comfortable, but it keeps you from constantly messing with the thermostat. Many households enjoy cheaper utility bills when installing a ventilation system.

Make Life Better with a Whole-Home Ventilator System

You can improve your home’s comfort and lower its energy costs with the right indoor air quality products. At Chandler Air, we take pride in helping our customers boost their HVAC efficiency and feel more comfortable in their homes. Contact one of our NATE-certified technicians today to discuss whole-house ventilation and other indoor air quality solutions.

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