After a busy day, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a quiet and restful night. However, the HVAC system in your Scottsdale, AZ home could be the reason you’re unable to sleep and rest comfortably. Here are four ways your home’s HVAC system could impact your sleep this fall.

Weird Noises

The usual humming sound from your HVAC system shouldn’t be loud enough to prevent you from getting to sleep. However, strange HVAC noises will, without a doubt, wake you from a deep sleep, leaving you fatigued.

Squealing noises arise from component failure in the HVAC system or furnace. Loud banging vibration could mean that there’s trouble with your HVAC system’s motor. You don’t want to lose quality sleep, so call in an expert if your system has these weird noises.

Incorrect Temperature Setting

Setting the temperature too high or extremely low will have you tossing in bed the entire night. Experts advise that you set your thermostat between 65 to 70 degrees for comfortable sleep.

A programmable or smart thermostat will make it easier to set convenient temperatures for the night. Also, you could invest in a zoned HVAC system for smooth temperature control, especially in the bedroom.

Improper Humidity

High indoor humidity during the fall nights could have your home feeling musty. Stuffiness prevents proper ventilation, leading to breathing problems. Additionally, high humidity allows microbial growth to thrive, exposing you to airborne irritants.

Persistent sneezing due to high humidity will make it hard for you to sleep. A dehumidifier will take away the excess moisture circulating in your house.

Unhealthy Indoor Air

Fresh air at home means that you sleep better. It’s difficult to sleep when your room has a horrible odor. Airborne contaminants aggravate allergies and nasal congestion while you sleep.

Fall HVAC maintenance cleans accumulated debris to help ensure you breathe safely and smoothly. Maintenance can also protect you from radon and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Contact Chandler Air for all your heating needs this season. Our experts will work hard to ensure you can enjoy calm and restful nights all year.

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