If you’ve been experiencing consistent problems with your heating system during the winter, it’s time you invested in an upgrade. Essentially, getting a new HVAC system will restore your comfort during the coming warm seasons. Here are notable indicators that your HVAC system is begging for replacement in your Maricopa, AZ, house.

Your System’s Age

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that most HVAC systems retain peak efficiency for up to 10 years. Older HVAC systems are inefficient when it comes to sustaining indoor comfort. Additionally, these systems break down more frequently, causing immense inconvenience.

Advanced age causes the HVAC units to apply excessive pressure, destroying some of the HVAC parts. Old age could also be the reason why you’ve experienced dramatic energy expenses. Professional HVAC specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable HVAC system for your indoor space.

Frequent Repairs

Frequent HVAC repair services strain your finances and could gradually become overwhelming. If the repair expenses exceed half the price of a new HVAC system, the wisest decision would be to upgrade your system.

Unusual Noises

Strange noises during normal HVAC operations indicate the need for a new system. Clanging sounds occur as the metal fans hit other HVAC components. Continued banging, vibrating, and buzzing noises could indicate severe wear to the entire HVAC system.

Routine HVAC maintenance significantly mitigates noisy operations. However, if a professional repair doesn’t fix this issue, upgrading your system is likely the most economical choice.

Poor Air Quality

Another sign that your system is begging for replacement is dwindling air quality. Essentially, your HVAC system should provide healthy air for your entire household. When you’re installing a new HVAC system is the perfect time to also have your technician install a whole-home ventilator or air purifier.

Declining air quality could stimulate hypersensitivity and respiratory difficulties. Common issues due to poor air quality include coughing and breathing complications. Poor humidity regulation could also encourage biological growth.

Contact Chandler Air today for top-tier HVAC installation and repair. We ensure comfort throughout all seasons.

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