Living in Arizona means depending heavily on your air conditioner, and even a small difference in performance can make a big difference in your budget. Here are a few questions to ask about your air conditioner to make sure it’s working to its maximum potential.

Is The Physical Environment Around Your Unit Laid Out For Efficiency?

Air conditioners depend on good air flow to cool your home. That means you need to take a moment to clear away any debris from the area around your indoor and outdoor units. It also means it’s best to keep the outdoor unit in the shade, which makes it easier to dissipate heat. If you have central air conditioning, you may consider having your ducts cleaned to remove any dust or debris that may be interfering with performance.

Is Your Air Conditioner Constantly Cycling On And Off?

It’s normal for an air conditioner to cycle occasionally throughout the day, but “occasionally” is the operative word. Frequent cycling wastes electricity and causes uncomfortable temperature changes as the system overshoots the target temperature and then shuts off. Constant cycling might be indicative of a maintenance problem, such as an electrical issue or a dirty air filter. It also might mean your system is oversized, which means you’re wasting power and getting weaker performance; not using the system to its highest potential.

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner, Anyway?

Air conditioners are generally built to last 10 to 15 years, and given how hard they have to work to deal with the Arizona heat, they definitely have an expiration date. If you have an older unit that’s starting to have performance issues, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a replacement system instead of continuing to have problems fixed as they occur. The key is to contact an experienced, trusted HVAC company that can recommend the right solution for your home – and Chandler Air is here to help! Give us a call or stop by our office to learn how we can serve your Gilbert, AZ home, all year long.

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