When winter approaches and the weather changes around Mesa, AZ, it’s the perfect time for furnace maintenance to ensure your system is ready.

Take time to prepare your furnace to keep you comfortable and safe before the chilly weather arrives.

Here are some key points for preparing your furnace for the winter.

Change Your Air Filter

Your air filters are integral to keeping your furnace safe from airborne contaminants. However, they often go neglected, until you notice there’s a lack of heat coming from your vents. This not only reduces your system’s efficiency, but also increases operational strain and preventable furnace repairs.

Schedule your calendar when to check and change your air filter. The common 1-inch filter needs a replacement about every 90 days, with average air quality.

Open Your Vents

Your HVAC system must both draw air in and push it back out to effectively heat your home. To do both, the system creates a pressure differential throughout your home. The output vents increase air pressure indoors, while the return vents reduce air pressure.

If you close your vents, you interrupt the air circulation needed to efficiently heat your home. The result is higher utility bills, cold areas in your home, and extra strain on your system. Keep all your vents open to encourage the right air circulation.

Check Your Thermostat

As the weather turns, your thermostat needs a little attention as well. Be sure to turn it from “cool” to “heat,” and set the fan to “auto.” Additionally, check your temperature settings, lowering them to your winter preference.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace needs routine maintenance for it to operate at peak efficiency and to reduce the risk of unplanned repairs. Make sure your furnace is ready to tackle everything mother nature can throw at it this fall and winter. Call the experts at Chandler Air to schedule your furnace maintenance today.

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