If your Chandler, AZ, home doesn’t have existing ductwork, consider installing a ductless multi-split system. Not only does the U.S. Department of Energy recommend these systems for their energy efficiency, but they make home zoning effortless.

How Ductless Multi-Splits Work in Homes

A central heating and cooling system is the type of HVAC system many people have in their homes. These systems get the job done, but they’re limiting in terms of home zoning. If you have rooms in your home you want to keep cooler than other rooms, a ducted AC system makes this difficult.

Ductless multi-split systems let you have the most control over home zoning because they consist of individual handlers installed room-by-room. Ducts don’t connect the handlers. The indoor handlers connect to an outdoor condenser (up to five handlers can connect to one condenser), but each room’s temperature gets controlled individually.

Who Benefits from Ductless Systems?

The short answer is everyone! If you’re remodeling or building a home addition, going ductless requires less work, is less expensive, and gives you better temperature control. Or maybe you’re buying an older home without existing ductwork. Save yourself the money and install a multi-split system.

You know how hot temperatures get in the metro area during the height of summer. If you have rooms that seem impossible to keep cool, ductless indoor handlers are the perfect solution. You don’t have to replace your entire HVAC system. You can add two or three indoor handlers to the warmest rooms and create the ideal home zoning for your needs.

How to Get Started

Installing a ductless multi-split isn’t as complex or time-consuming as installing a ducted HVAC system, but it’s not a DIY job. You need professional installation to ensure the system works properly and give you all the benefits. To learn more about ductless AC options for your home, call Chandler Air, and our experts will guide you to the right solution for your home.

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