For your HVAC system to run efficiently in San Tan Valley, AZ, it relies on a number of parts. One of which is the thermostat that lets you communicate with your HVAC system. If it becomes faulty, immediate repair or replacement is key to restoring your AC to full functionality. Here are four signs that your thermostat needs replacing.

1. AC Keeps Shutting Down

Your thermostat is what tells your AC unit to either increase or decrease the temperatures indoors. If your HVAC system keeps turning on or off and the mechanical parts are all in good condition, then it might be faulty wiring inside your thermostat causing the issue.

2. Incorrect Temperature Readings

Accurate thermostat readings make sure that indoor temperatures fall within your specified parameters. When your thermostat doesn’t register the right temperature, it might lead to warmer or colder temperatures as well as your AC running for too short or too long a cycle.

3. High Electricity Bills

If you receive suspiciously high energy bills during summer, it might be because your AC is running longer than what you’d expect. One of the culprits behind your AC overworking itself could be a faulty thermostat that’s reading temperatures incorrectly.

4. Constant Temperature Fluctuations

A worn-out thermostat usually has difficulty maintaining consistent temperatures. An HVAC repair technician can test your thermostat to see if damaged wiring or another issue is causing the problem.

Whether it’s just the natural wear-and-tear of time or a manufacturing defect, you’ll want to replace your thermostat if it’s faulty. This is something best left to a trained professional. Call the air conditioning experts at Chandler Air to help you replace your old thermostat with a new one at an affordable rate.

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