An inefficient air conditioner may make your living space uncomfortable due to its inability to regulate temperatures. Luckily, the system will start relaying some indicators to show it needs attention. Here are signs that your unit needs repairs in Gold Canyon, AZ.

Unusual Sounds

Typically, your unit produces soft sounds while running. However, loud sounds that you have never heard before may mean something is wrong.

There are various sounds that an air conditioner produces when it’s having issues. Examples of these sounds include banging, screeching, buzzing, and clicking sounds.

High Energy Bills

You may start noticing an increase in your monthly energy bills. On further investigation, you realize your air conditioner is the culprit.

Multiple issues such as a clogged filter, system short-cycling, or leaking refrigerant can contribute to an increase in your bill. A service technician will check your unit to pinpoint the exact issue and proceed to conduct all the repairs.

Warm Air

Manufacturers designed your AC unit to cool your home. If it does the exact opposite and produces warm air, there is a problem.

Your ductwork could be leaking the conditioned air, your refrigerant could be leaking, or your system could have frozen evaporator coils. Also, dirt and debris may block your condenser coils, reducing their efficiency in releasing warm air to the outside.

Insufficient Airflow

Your system may produce poor airflow due to a clogged filter, leaky ducts, or blower problems. Your unit recirculates as much air as it draws from your living space.

Therefore, if the air filter has blockages, the unit may not draw sufficient amounts of air. On the other hand, leaky ducts result in the escape of conditioned air, while blower issues reduce the unit’s ability to push air into the ductwork.

Reach out to Chandler Air for exceptional air conditioning service in the west. Our technicians have multiple years of experience working on various systems; hence, they understand how to restore your unit to optimal efficiency.

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