Your heat pump’s efficiency impacts your comfort and energy bill. Some factors help maintain its optimal efficiency, while others reduce it. We will look at factors that impact heat pump efficiency in Tempe, AZ.

1. Age

Your heat pump’s efficiency follows a downward curve as the system ages. This is because its parts have more wear and tear than when the unit was new. For this reason, the system may need to run for a longer time to regulate your indoor temperatures.

An aged system may require frequent repairs to continue running smoothly. It may also consume more energy than when it was new.

Consider getting a new heat pump if the one you have is more than 10 years old, as ENERGY STAR recommends. Since innovations are always coming into the HVAC industry, newer systems come with modern ways to increase comfort and reduce energy bills.

2. Size

A heat pump can either be the correct size, undersized or oversized. An oversized heat pump’s capabilities surpass your home’s heating requirements.

For this reason, it will short cycle, which means the pump heats your home quickly, shuts down and starts again. Short cycling increases wear and tear of your system’s parts and cause the energy bill to shoot up.

An undersized heat pump cannot satisfy your home’s heating demands, prompting it to run without stopping. Consider getting a correctly sized unit. A correctly sized unit’s abilities match your home’s heating needs.

3. Your Thermostat’s Location

Where you place your thermostat affects your heat pump’s performance. For instance, if you place it near poorly insulated windows, it will read lower temperatures from the rest of the house.

As a result, your HVAC system runs without stopping to achieve the temperatures on the thermostat. Consider placing your thermostat in a location that reflects the temperatures of your whole house.

Do not allow an inefficient heat pump to keep you in the cold. Reach out to Chandler Air for excellent heating services this winter.

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