When you’re looking to replace your old heating and cooling system, there are many benefits of selecting a heat pump. This single system offers heating functions that keep you warm during chilly winter nights and cooling functions for relief throughout the dry and hot summer season. Consider these three reasons why a new heat pump is a great choice for year-round comfort in your Chandler, Arizona home.

Lower Wintertime Heating Costs

Instead of generating heat, heat pumps move it. According to the Department of Energy, this makes them more efficient at heating your Chandler home on chilly winter nights. They use only one-quarter of the amount of electricity compared to an electrical resistance, baseboard, or space heater. Although the heating season is short in Chandler, you’ll save money and enjoy optimal comfort.

Energy-efficient Cooling

A heat pump is an energy-efficient way to cool your home. The newest ones offer two-speed or variable-speed motors. When there’s only a small temperature difference between your home’s air and the thermostat setting, the heat pump operates on the lowest speed, reducing electricity usage and wear and tear on moving parts. When there’s a big temperature difference, they use the highest speed for the shortest possible time, resulting in faster cooling and minimized energy use.

Better Comfort

These systems can be paired with an air handler in order to optimize your home’s comfort. The air handler circulates the air within your Chandler home, resulting in the elimination of hot and cold spots. The consistent temperature improves your comfort. You can also choose a split heat pump system. Also called mini-split systems, these allow you to set up zoned climate control. Each zone has its own thermostat, allowing you to set different temperatures for each person’s preferences.

To learn more about the benefits of these versatile systems, check out Chandler Air’s heat pump installation services, or call us for additional details.

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