Air Conditioning Know-How: Keeping Cool While Saving Your Hard-Earned Money

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It has been darn hot lately! And, you’re likely already paying the price in sky-high utility bills. It’s a problem that all Phoenix-area homeowners face every summer. And with rising costs for electricity, there’s no end in sight. Or, is there?

While you can do little to convince your utility company to lower their prices, you can proactively reduce your consumption of electricity during the summer months. This means taking some proactive steps to keep your home cool while lowering your reliance on your air conditioner.

Invest in a Quality Portable Fan

Ceiling fans are great and can help cool you off quickly. But when they’re not enough, a portable fan can be added to the mix. Consider placing a pedestal or tower fan facing into a room with a window behind it. This will pull in cold air and push out hot air behind it. Also, directing the fan toward your body can give a refreshing cooling effect.

While the portable fans of days gone by were not exactly attractive, many of today’s models fit right into a room’s décor while also providing the benefit of much-needed cooling.

Consider Blackout Curtains

Most Phoenicians know that blinds closed can block out sunlight and reduce heat during the daytime hours – especially along the south-facing side of a home. But often, blinds aren’t enough to shield the sun completely. This is when it pays to invest in blackout curtains which block out the sun and cool a room. The added bonus is that they provide total darkness which can help facilitate quality sleep.

Swap Sheets

Speaking of sleep… Keeping cool is vital to getting the shuteye you need during the warm weather months of the year. And your bedding is a big factor in making this happen. Flannel sheets may be cozy in the winter, but they’re downright uncomfortable when your room is already warm. A smarter alternative is linen which is constructed of hollow fibers that provide natural wicking properties and breathability.

Of course, a properly-functioning, efficient air conditioner can help reduce your electricity costs, too. If you’re struggling with a system that is old, failing or poorly maintained, Chandler Air, Inc. today.