Air Conditioning and Triple Digit Heat – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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“In springtime, a young man’s fancy turns to love,” wrote British poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson in the classic poem, Locksley Hall. An updated version for the Valley of the Sun reads, “In springtime – in Arizona – a young man’s fancy turns to… air conditioning.” Phoenix residents love affair with air conditioning began with the first mechanical cooling devices developed a century ago. Wise desert dwellers understand the heavenly temperatures of February and March soon give way to sizzling hot months of triple digit, unrelenting summer heat. A springtime air conditioning tune-up will prevent a summer break-up (breakdown) with your AC unit. There’s no doubt, a spring romance is enchanting but remember to love your air conditioner. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. After all, who do you really love when it’s 115 degrees in the shade?

The Heat Is On

Preparing for summer heat is an annual rite of spring in Arizona. The blistering sun and constant triple digit temperatures will push your AC unit to extremes. Most car owners accept it’s better to perform regular service on your automobile rather than wait until it breaks down. The same holds true for your complex air conditioning system – better to check now and be prepared. Once the summer season hits, HVAC repair calls increase dramatically, and it’s miserable to be in your house with no AC in the middle of summer.

Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Your AC unit may have been sitting idle for months over the winter season. During a spring tune-up, our trained technicians will review all the major components of your HVAC system. There are many unseen parts that go into keeping your home cool and comfortable. Our experienced professionals will check:

  • General condition of unit for age, seasonal wear and tear
  • Thermostat and controls
  • Compressor, condenser coils, fan blades, blower motor and belts
  • AC unit air filters and condition of ducts
  • Refrigerant – check for leaks
  • Electrical wires and connectors
  • All safety features

Show Love to Your Air Conditioner

Like any successful long-term relationship, you’ve got to know when to invest time and interest. Because most AC units are built to be sturdy and reliable year after year, they are often forgotten workhorses. But don’t let your air conditioner suffer from neglect. The cooling and comfort of your home is crucial during the summer months in Arizona. When you show love to your home air conditioning system it will love you right back.

The expert professionals at Chandler Air have been successfully providing HVAC solutions since 1982. Whether you need a spring tune-up or a system upgrade, we’ll answer your questions and present you with options to help you achieve total comfort in your home for years to come. Call us today at 480-899-0267.