A Simple Solution for Air-Conditioning Challenged Arizonans

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Have you heard the one about the guy who procrastinated with getting his car repaired because he thought it would be too expensive to replace his fuel injectors? He wasn’t a mechanic, and he didn’t really know if his fuel injectors were faulty. He just knew that his car hesitated when he stepped on the gas, and it really annoyed him. After talking to a friend who “knows a lot about cars” and researching the internet, he decided it had to be the fuel injectors.

He Made the Wrong Mistake

One day while driving down the freeway in a monsoon, he stepped on the gas, and his car hesitated. Then, it sputtered. The engine was misfiring and finally conked out altogether. He rolled to a stop and got out of his car. He banged on the hood, cursing his fuel injectors and bemoaning the fact that it was going to cost a fortune to have them fixed! At great expense, he had his car towed across town to his mechanic’s shop but after a brief inspection, the mechanic smiled and informed him, “There’s nothing wrong with your car or your fuel injectors – you simply ran out of gas!”
The point of the story is twofold. Sometimes, we make things worse in our heads than they really are, and every now and then (not always, but occasionally), there’s a simple solution to what seems like a big problem. So, what does all this have to do with air conditioning repairs?

A Helpful AC Tip for Summer – A Simple Solution

It happens multiple times every summer. A homeowner calls in a panic and says, “My air conditioner just stopped. It’s completely dead! Please get over here as soon as you can.” The technician arrives and after some brief checking, finds that there’s nothing wrong with the unit. However, the circuit breaker has been tripped. In the extreme heat of Arizona summers, with the power grid maxed out, it’s not uncommon for power surges and dips that can turn off your air conditioner without warning. It’s easy to forget to check the circuit breaker if, for instance, you wake up in the middle of the night and your AC is not working. Always remember to check the circuit breaker first. Also, be mindful that electrical problems can be serious, and if the breaker needs to constantly be reset, you should definitely have it checked out.

Making the Problem Bigger Than It Is

Some homeowners tell us they are reluctant to call for HVAC service because they are afraid it will lead to major, expensive repairs. Properly working air conditioning is critical in the summer in Arizona. Doing without air conditioning is not an option. Putting off service usually leads to worse problems down the road. Regular service for your air conditioning unit is the best way to prevent big repair bills down the line. At Chandler Air, we pride ourselves on providing great service and expert advice on how to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently all summer long. Don’t make a problem bigger than it is. You might just be imagining the worst when all you need is a minor fix or tune-up. Call Chandler Air for service today and for peace of mind all summer long.