5 Scary HVAC Sounds Not to Ignore

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Take a listen to your HVAC system this Halloween. Is it making spooky sounds that make your home sound more like a haunted house? The following is your guide to identifying the unknown scary noises that indicate it’s time to call Chandler Air.

Zombie Banging?

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Is that banging sound coming from your furnace? It’s unlikely that the walking dead are causing this commotion. Most often, banging is a sign of an ignition problem. When the gas valve opens the pilot light or electric starter should light immediately. If it doesn’t the gas can cause a bang. This is a problem that requires immediate service.

Another source of banging is the expanding and contracting of metal ductwork. This isn’t an urgent matter, but it’s a nuisance. A skilled technician can muffle the noise and ensure that there are no leaks or cracks in the ductwork causing the problem.

Witches Rattling?

Does it sound like a witch is stirring her brew in your HVAC system? A faint or loud rattle can be caused by a loose blower motor or fan blades. Over time, this rattle will get louder and more irritating.  You won’t be able to cast a spell to get rid of the sound, but you can call for service.

Haunting Moaning?

Whooshing air that sounds like a ghost haunting your HVAC ducts could be a problem with your system motor. Worn bearings that need to be replaced can sound like a moan or whine. Each time the system starts, you’ll hear it, and it will grow louder. Don’t be haunted by a system that requires service. Call for repair.

Phantom Scraping?

Who is scraping their claws inside your HVAC system? No, it’s not a frightening phantom trying to escape. It’s probably your blower and fan parts scraping against each other or against the inside of the air handler. Turn your HVAC system off and schedule service to prevent this problem from turning into a bigger, scarier issue.

Unidentified Crackling?

Is there a monster lurking inside your air conditioner? While it often sounds like an unknown entity clacking, it could be an issue of frozen coils. If evaporator coils are dirty, airflow is restricted, and the coils can freeze and cause ice to form. When the ice begins to melt, it can sound downright frightening.

Enjoy Halloween and eliminate your scary HVAC system sounds. Call for a tune-up today and get ready for the cool, winter weather ahead. Call us at 480-899-0267 now.