3 Key Questions to Ask Before You Replace Your Air Conditioner This Spring

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Spring in Arizona is special. The days are dazzling, the desert air exquisite. Excitement abounds as Cactus League baseball games get underway. Rounds of golf in shirt sleeves, outdoor activities in the middle of the day and cool temperature desert hiking make Phoenix the place to be.

The Best Time of Year to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Spring might also be the best time of year to replace your air conditioner. With mild temperatures, you won’t miss having your AC while the unit is being replaced. Most Phoenix residents have an internal AC sixth sense that activates somewhere around in the middle of March. “Oh yeah, summer is coming. Temperatures will soar. We’ll be inside all day. Is my air conditioner ready for the long, hot, endless summer ahead?”

It makes good sense to schedule a spring inspection for your AC system. After all, Phoenix is the hottest city in America. However, based on your air conditioner’s performance last summer, you may already know that it’s time to replace your aging AC system. If so, here are three key questions to consider before you make your decision.

Will My Air Conditioner Last One More Summer?

Up north, in the late fall, you often hear customers in repair shops ask their auto mechanic, “Do you think this old car can make it through the winter?” No one wants to go through the hassle of a major mechanical breakdown and the process of buying a new car in the middle of a snowy January. In Arizona, homeowners often pose a similar question. “Can I squeeze one more summer out of my air conditioner?” Replacing your AC system in the middle of a heatwave is a miserable experience and should be avoided if possible.

At Chandler Air, we understand that a new air conditioning system is a major expense. As a homeowner, unless you absolutely need to incur that capital expense, you can keep your money in the bank and put off the purchase for another year. However, here’s the conundrum. If your air conditioner is eight, nine or 10 years old (or older) you might be pushing the envelope. As air conditioners get older, individual components start to breakdown and need to be replaced. Once you pass a certain point, the expenses pile-up and you realize, you’d have been better off buying a new system than to keep paying for costly repairs.
The trick is knowing when to pull the plug on your old system. When you schedule a spring HVAC checkup, we’ll perform a complete inspection of your air conditioner and provide you with a full evaluation of your system so you’ll have a better idea of how much longer you might be able to count on your present air conditioner.

How Much Can I Really Save on New Energy Efficient Air Conditioners?

Green technology is in the news daily. Sir Richard Branson recently announced a worldwide three-million-dollar challenge to create more energy efficient air conditioners through advancements in design and technology. If you’re going to purchase a new air conditioner this spring, you’ll want to pay attention to SEER ratings. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is similar to the MPG ratings on cars. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the air conditioner. It is impossible to quote savings without knowing the specifics of your home, however, if you have an older air conditioner with a SEER rating of 13, you will be able to save approximately 30 percent off your monthly utility bill if you purchase and AC system with a SEER rating above 20. If you are saving one third off your monthly utility bill for six months of the year, that’s going to add up to significant savings which will, over time, help pay for the new air conditioner.

How Much Trouble Is It to Install a New Air Conditioner?

That’s a fair question and a serious concern for many homeowners. The answer depends on the type of air conditioning system presently installed in your home, whether it is adequately getting the job done and if you want to make changes and/or do extensive duct work in your home. The short answer is, most of our customers are surprised at how little disruption we cause when installing a new air conditioner. We pride ourselves on putting the customers’ needs first and working around your schedule and requirements.

It All Starts with A Spring Inspection

Why not schedule a service call to assess your current system, and we’ll provide you with options for cool comfort all summer long!